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The Doorricade bar can only be used on doors that open in.
Your condo or apartment must be occupied to use this product. For house applications when entering your house from the garage door, your front door can still be protected with the Doorricade bar without your house being occupied. Doorricade fits doors up to 37" wide. Contact us for custom size bars for wider doors.

No security device is guaranteed to prevent crime.

But can protect you when used properly.

Doorricade is a patent pending product.

Welcome to Doorricade.

         Let me introduce you to a new and innovative way to secure your door. In the past your only options were a chain lock or a deadbolt. Intruders can easily break through both.

Doorricade is a much better alternative since it is tamper proof from the outside. It is made from the highest quality materials which includes a solid aluminum bar and heavy duty swing away brackets. Doorricade is not only effective but easy to install.

Swing brackets away when not in use

Single Family Homes

Apartments and Condos

Give yourself the protection and peace of mind you need at a price you can afford.

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Statistics show most home invasions take place when people are at home. The Doorricade locking system provides peace of mind from the number one way intruders enter your home. It takes just seconds for an intruder to break in and minutes to leave.

Don't be another statistic. Secure your door.